Here are all my videos

  • Bay Area Google Cloud Platform (GCP): "Apache Kafka and Confluent on Google Cloud" [link]
  • Anthos Day at KubeCon 2019: "Migrating Kubernetes apps to Serverless with Cloud Run on Anthos w/ Ahmet Alp Balkan" [link]
  • Cloud On Air - Ask The Experts - "Everything you ever Wanted to Know about Serverless (w/ Steren Giannini )" [link]
  • KubeCon North America 2018 -Seattle: "Machine Learning as Code: and Kubernetes with Kubeflow w/ David Aronchick." [link]
  • Cloud OnAir - CE TV: "First Steps with Apache Kafka on Google Cloud Platform (w/ Gwen (Chen) Shipira)"
  • Cloud OnAir: Ask the Expert: "All About Platforms (w/ Rana Ma)" [link]