About Me


Welcome to my site! I am Jason, an App Modernization Specialist at Google Cloud. What does that mean? Well, I help Enterprises become cloud/digital native. My second language is YAML as I use Kubernetes a lot. My primary technological passion is for Serverless Containers and Serverless Eventing (courtesy of Knative).

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) is very important to me. I fully believe that the only way we can be a great society is for us to educate ourselves on the discrimination that occurs in society and work to address it. As a mixed race individual identity and discrimination isn’t a new concept to me. Currently, I am the founder of Mixed Googlers, a community of Googlers who identify as “Multiracial”.

I am a world traveler who was a digital nomad for about a year and a half, traveling throughout the USA and APAC region. If I could chill anywhere else in the world, it’d probably be Japan, Taiwan, or New Zealand.

San Antonio, Texas is my hometown where I ultimately started my career in tech. Next, I moved to Austin where I ate BBQ and grew my tech skills. Now I am in the next chapter of my life in San Francisco. Throughout my career I have been a tech entrepreneur, an Operations Monitor, a Support Engineer, a Developer Advocate, and a Customer (Sales) Engineer.

Please stay in contact by checking my social media at the top or emailing me. hello(at)thejaysmith.com

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